Hi everyone! welcome to my blog. In Techie Latina you will find recent projects I've been working on and once in a while I will post articles, experiences, and funny stuffs around what, when and how I do things. I change this blog frequently for many reasons: For students practice purposes (I use to tutor), to share an effective and nice piece of code, to show my recent portfolio items, and to tweak ideas proving they can deliver wonderful results for professional, entrepreneurial, and personal life.

Feel free to take a look at my whole blog because I am sure you will find something interesting and useful here. I love adding gifts, good tips, appropriate promotions, and even rewards into my way of working, since it simply makes me feel GREAT.

You now know where to find me if need a support, consultancy or guidance with your online projects.

For quick responses, find me in Skype as ggwebsolutions, email me using the form below, or call me at +1(206)659-8434.

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A little bit about me and how to stay in touch.

sol-gonzalez-web-developer-web-copy-writerI'm Sol Gonzalez, and I help people bring their ideas online. I'm a programmer, web developer, Spanish content writer and self-taught marketing professional.

I grew up in an environment in where talking about small businesses or family businesses were pretty common. And I was so happy to had the opportunity to own and run my first one at a very young age. Now, you can find me online.

I'm passionate about tech and open source software, among other nice things. I consult on technology trends, small business tools and general computing projects.

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Looking forward to reading from you!

Find me in Skype as ggwebsolutions, by phone at +1(206)659-8434 or simply fill out this form.

10 Ramdon Facts About Me

  • I used my first computer with 12 floppy disks of 5 1/4 inch to do a 2-page school report, and the I got so hooked with IT
  • I have watched over 100 hours of educational videos, practicing code and learning so many great things through Coursera, Udemy and Edx - I love them all. Education is so available, keep learning
  • I reduced the amount of coffee I drink... Yep, I did it
  • I had no idea how many people hit my websites and blogs until I installed a couple of analytics scripts time ago
  • I let students change this website design, layout and code, once in a while, to practice and see things in real life - They get so passionate, and learn so much and quick, about technologies this way
  • I have a quite strong Spanish accent
  • I'm a pc, but I still don't like windows 8
  • I live close to Chinatown and love making Asian soups
  • I devour pineapple cake - so badly
  • If you know about arepas, cachapas, hallacas, and find them chevere, so you've known a lot about me!
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