About Me

First let me tell you a little bit about this blog. This blog started as a way to support  G&G Web Solutions with information about technical resources you could use to bring an idea online, to have a demo area to practice coding I was teaching students and professionals, and as a portfolio to share past client’s projects I have worked on.  Recently, I decided to brand and market this area, my tech blog, as “Techie Latina” to talk more about small businesses, information technology in good use for a better world,  and a techie mommy lifestyle – topics that I feel so passionate about.  So now you know, you will find updates, comments, posts and information pertaining to those interests.
Me and my son enjoying live.

Here I am with my son. I like this photo so much because everytime I share this page and see it, it brings me happiness and peace.

The author, me.

I have been working as a freelancer, consultant, online developer and even web manager for quite some time from the beautiful city of Seattle. I graduated in Informatics and Business Information Technology from Iutirla and Seattle Central Community College respectively; but most of my experience comes from curiosity, self taught education, and networking – yes, I believe in networking. I enjoy honing my skills while working on projects that really impact other people lives, and most of the time you cannot get to hear about those projects if you don’t go out and socialize with purpose.

How do you get to know the type of clients I work with? it’s easy. I always take clients, and projects that not only get my interest and seems challenging enough but I also look at carefully on the respect, commitment and value my potentials express. I then focus on delivering professionally results that solve, somehow, my clients needs. Have you heard of “win-win relations”? that is what I mean. I am a normal person, if I can say it that way, you know, I look to keep up with a lifestyle fill with works, ideas and passion inspired by great experts and people that are doing good in the IT and business fields. I am a firm believer technology along with right professionals play an important part in solving problems we encounter all over the world. We all have to do even small things to improve the way many people live. It helps them; it helps us.

Right now, I’m generally taking work and consulting from my home office on a part time basis which allows me to keep an eye on, and share important values with, my sweetheart son. Yes, I am growing every day and trying to be the best mom I can be. Are you a mom/dad? If so, you get a sense of what I saying.

I can help you bring your idea online the best way you can, at your own pace and on reasonable budget. Yes!

Contact me if need help with these services I use to offer: website design, open source software and/or third party code integration, computer personalized classes or computer consulting, selling online, working with affiliate content and, generally, bringing your idea to the Internet the best way you can, at your own pace and on reasonable budget. I could say, I have evolved incredibly with my skills and expertise – and that is the supposed way to keep up today’s era. I have done from a flyer or poster design, WordPress installation, Zen Cart modifications and css tweaking, … and nowadays people call me to share their situations and help them find needed solutions for online marketing, bussines support, non profit technical implementations, and community outreach with/for the Latino/Hispanic community.

Playing with him – yeap – in a nice place in Washington state. Can you guess where?

You can find me in Skype as ggwebsolutions. And if you mention you happened to read this page let me know… I could have something for you 🙂 – but don’t say it to everyone! Let’s make it our secret.

Oops! one last thing, I rarely have spare time to use them, but ok here they are too.. my social accounts

If need personal and professionals references or testimonials on previous work, don’t be shy and freely ask me.