Accordion Demo

[tabs type=”accordion”]
[tabname] Tab 1[/tabname]
[tabcont] This is the content of Tab1.[/tabcont]
[tabname] Tab 2 [/tabname]
[tabcont] This is the content of Tab2[/tabcont]

[spoiler name=”Collapsible 1″]Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Curabitur euismod,
elit non tempor ornare….

[spoiler name=”Collapsible 2″]Duis rhoncus varius ipsum a convallis. Maecenas molestie laoreet nisi, eget
posuere metus adipiscing nec. Quisque….

[spoiler name=”Collapsible 3″]Curabitur faucibus magna at leo commodo sed cursus dui posuere.Praesent ornare,
leo et aliquet tempus, orci orci luctus leo. Quisque….

[tabs type=”tabs” ]
[tabname] Core Values[/tabname]
[tabcont] This is the whole css for ‘Sunny’s style.

Sunny css theme

[tabname] From The Founder [/tabname]
[tabcont] This is the content of Tab2[/tabcont]

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