Constantly looking at your sketches, at your collected content, and staying in touch with your emotions actually help you become a better leader in a project.

Listening carefully to your intuition and not completely loosing the first perspective you have for your project will make you a better leader and director of it.

Regardless of what a more experienced person (even an expert) would tell about your overall project, your individual designs, or first drafts of content, being true to your emotions, to your attachments, and beliefs on that project, will actually make you feel better about future outcomes, for you are certain and in a clear control of the tasks, discussions and resources involve which hence will make you feel authentic and satisfied with your performance. Freelancers, contractors, developers, etc, sense satisfaction during project processes that eventually translate into better and effective communications.


You show yourself confident about what you are talking about and expect to get, and for sure any professional will respond promptly and will ask you critical direct questions that will probably move you to the next level faster.


Don’t doubt your first instincts and be wary about the amount of, and knowledge of, the people that you think may provide you guidance. It is very common to see projects delayed tremendously because the owner have somehow lost the connection to those emotions and desires that where reflected on those initial concepts. Share your ideas, and give yourself some time to recap and revise your notes on those first thoughts. Allow yourself to add or delete pieces on the project that could make it a firm statement or decision. I have noticed that regardless of the project, the size of it, and the resources in use, the hardest part is getting it launched in an appropriate way and amount of time. Lots of people tend to be overly cautious, and in few cases perfectionist, that causes the pivoting of unneeded ideas at the moment.


So many times I have seen people with great prototypes for a web development project (for example) but for some reason they run into lots of other people asking for suggestions about it and they end up totally lost, more confused and with frustrating uncertain datelines. I believe in focusing on a couple of main tasks and stick to them for a while in order to start the project right – we gotta try! We need to run first creations, we need to deploy it, we need to see it live to make it official and to keep moving forward. I believe that if ones gave deeper thoughts to a project (a problem) up to the point ones was able to draw a couple of sketches, collect text content, and write important notes, then those concepts are ready to give life to the project. When you reach a point in where you can smile at the clears thoughts you have not only in your mind but on paper as well, then there is an immense chance you are leading your project responsibly.

Sometimes you have to hold back speaking your ideas because the situation requires that you do so, or probably because the project reached a phase that need to be addressed with more determination. The purpose of expressing and defending your emotions about a project is to convey true feelings and its vision, as well as to be open and honest to change, not to discredit the people helping you.

Many people, however, is afraid to continually speak up for the project because, from what I’ve seen, they fear reactions like not being able to stop, or being perceived like too confused, disorganized, etc. And the the truth is that by letting those opinions flow, they are letting out their dislikes and other things while making more room in future discussions for positive thoughts, fluid creativity, and open approaches.

Look at your sketches, revise your content, check your notes, stay in touch with your feelings because at the end it is all about your satisfaction and giving live to something that started in your head, and probably in your heart. Feed your creativity constantly.

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