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I know how hard it’s to get a website up and running, complete a computer task or even build and grow your online presence and ecommerce store, but having someone at your side with the skills to guide you during the process is something very valuable. You could get overwhelmed when trying to do things you aren’t sure where to start and sometimes you can even question what are you doing wrong. In cases like the ones mentioned, don’t work so hard by yourself. Instead of spending hours trying to figure it out, I can help create an effective plan and organize your ideas to move things faster and easier.

I am available by email and phone consultation. For sure, I will come up with a list of objectives to help with your computing, IT, online personal or business project. My free consultation takes up to an hour (1hr) and most of the time I’m able to meet at a local coffee shop or library around Downtown Seattle, Beacon Hill, or Capitol Hill area (here in Washington state). I appreciate you initially send me an email (or fill out the form below) telling me about what you have in mind and your main concerns with your project.

Note: For additional time (after 1st hour) I will charge: $80.00 per hour (It is a negotiable rate that could be waived based on acceptance of your work)

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During your consultation, we will discuss some of the following points relevant to your interests:

  • Your goals, needs, and budget
  • Your actual resources (content, materials, contacts, and available platform or system)
  • Few things about Marketing and Branding
  • Keeping your website updated – ongoing maintenance
  • Getting your domain and hosting account
  • Tips for starting to use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) correctly
  • Getting more social and networking opportunities: Blogging, Facebook, Linkedin, twitter, etc
  • Designing your Web site, online community, eshop, or professional network
  • Comparing a websites and Blogs while discussing pros and cons with third party solutions and self hosted ones
  • Learning to use your website or training your assistant
  • Self-taught and continuous technical education
  • Putting your idea/project online just right
  • Connecting you with like-minded professionals while growing your business

After this initial consultation, I will give you time, if needed, for critical thinking and then I will follow up with next steps.

You can also contact me directly in Skype as ggwebsolutions or by phone at +1(206)659 8434.

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