Sometimes it’s so hard to find new ways of engaging customers, friends or potential visitors with what it’s happening with your business, your online projects, or even on that community you created online. That’s why I wanna share this idea I found, and you may find as well, hilarious.

Keep a record of all crazy stories you’ve had since the day you conceived the idea of running a business until now, like, for example, that recurring dream of selling your first item to a famous person, or opening your store one day and not having any visitor for the whole day – Yeah! this last one seems scary but that happens. We all people get so connected with others when common grounds are so evident, when we have lived similar experiences, that there are cases when people get so attached to a brand or a person because of a great story. This is the power of today’s online storytelling. However, lots of professionals feel uncertain about telling a little bit of their personal or professional world or, what it’s more interesting, some of these professionals have no way to determine to what extend to be open and honest. Even when you don’t realize it, and tend to believe that businesses has always to be run so seriously, adding some kind of fun to the whole management can make a day more pleasant, and actually you’ll be delighted to hear some of your customers or friends found your story so enjoyable too.

When running a small business, a group or community online, it doesn’t matter how small you feel, your stories can be so big and touchable as you would never have imagined – and there have been cases in where authors never expected their stories to generate amazing responses. Wouldn’t you like to see what happen when you share your owns? Wouldn’t you be interested in knowing closely the people who read you carefully? Sharing positive and unique experiences from your own life can cause those amazing responses. Focus on giving your best and that is what you’ll mostly attract. Don’t get distracted with the trash in few people minds. Welcome and respond to the ones that allows mutual grow and improvement.

Hey, but what about you? tell me how are you adding fun into your business daily work? how do you use storytelling in your business or career? 🙂

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