I love being in meetings where there are lots of new people in an industry, a job position, or a project. There is always a chance one of them may ask about how to become the best in their field – and sometimes they do ask it to the wrong person. It’s like asking someone for tips and hints about following your dream career, your dream life, or starting a new business and this person has never studied, lives a hopeless life, and has millions of preconceptions about why starting a business is the worst way to go – Hey there! Be careful about some of these people. When you hear too much negativity from someone who believe failings made him experienced and knowledgeable, however, his comments are not the rule. Feel free to move on and don’t listen to him.

When I find myself in the position of an ‘adviser’, saying it that way, I always remember my parents. They use to tell people and us, their kids, to always ask important questions to the right people. But how do we know who is the right one? In these cases, ask to a professional for tips to improve your career, ask a dreamer, an entrepreneur and inventor for ideas to bring yours to live (my best mantra!) and ask business owners on how to start yours with the resources you have at hand. And I am sure the responses you get will be awesome. When you learn to ask to the right people initially, it’s easier to meet those people right on spot later on. When you think you may have no more questions to ask to the right people around you, it’s then your turn to look and see if there is someone that is now needing your responses – your support. Because when we believe we cannot learn from someone else in the place and in the field we are in at that moment, it’s time to reach to others and passionately share with them what we already know and one more time we’ll get so surprised at how many new things we found. We are always learning and we are becoming like those people we admire and we tend to hang out with.

Be wary of the people you normally meet and frequently spent time with and don’t see this as a negative suggestion. What I mean is start being selective of the people who is close to you, whom energies tremendously impact your surroundings and whom, sometimes, you may have no control over their decisions – you have to work with or for them – but know you can have the control on how they affect you. Bring more of what you want to your surroundings, always do the best you can, and in extreme cases leave the places the better you found them. Focus on those people whose lifestyle seem in sync to yours, that will add balance to yours, that will make you smile more. At the end, when you are older, or move to a new job, or simply follow a new dream, what you became is what you allowed your nature to accept and, hence, reflect.

Are you hanging out with the right people? you bet!

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