The ability to read is a powerful tool, but having a passion for reading carefully all that matter to you, to your dreams and to your businesses is a more powerful quality. Even though we develop our passion for reading really early in our lives thanks to our parents, other young children, and the adults who read to us, however, we have yet to gain the ability to select and read the words we receive through emails, mails and even phone calls so cautiously but with an open mind to wonderful understandings, experiences and possibilities.

When we are connecting with new people to work in a new project, it’s very important to set the foundation for a good conversation (by email or by phone) first. Most of the time that conversation goes on topics that are not necessarily about your technical skills on how would you plan to solve that client needs right away but it’s more of building a line of trust. When you get to talk, to clearly communicate to your clients and vice verse, it’s easier to read and to listen to all information you both have exchanged one more time. You will then measure your previous work performances against what your clients look for and decide if this is something you want to be a part of and feel sure you will deliver quality at most.

I find critical both parts involved in a conversation be in a level of comfort and connection good enough in order for a project to initiate correctly. Any project has to start on the right foot in some proper conditions – this is something you should no negotiate. Things sometimes can go tough, no doubt, but by being proactive and prepared, you will be confident that the project can be brought to track, some times on time, and finally handled with positive results. My point about reading carefully is looking for answers to your important questions every time you decide on a project to work on. Pressure, dateline, skills, team members, support, feedback, bosses, resources and more things are concerns we professionals care about more. Work experience and results orientations are definitely big factors when clients choose one professional over another, but there are projects in where decisions were strongly influenced by other factors like enthusiasm, interest, motivation, open communication, continuous support, desire to progress, flexibility and negotiability. Never underestimate your chances to get on board an exciting project but be clear and prepare to somehow demonstrate you can help, you can ease tasks, you can transform areas – most clients look for it.

Attracting what you expect, attracting the projects you would like to be a part of is a task that start by responding questions the best possible way, sure, but also by delivering results that prove they offer solutions while you still were working under conditions that supported your growth, motivated your continuous participation and gave you chances to better your performance freely.

Wishing you a good day 🙂


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